Midnight Pact


This is the infamous Midnight Pact game.

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Midnight Pact

The “Midnight Pact” is a game that is built to both introduce and initiate one into the ways of the Occult. This kind of rite is very old and goes by many names, belonging to many cultures- but the goal is the same- to give the initiate a direct experience with Occult practices.

A variation of this game has become popular in recent years- sometimes being called the “Midnight Game” Or “Midnight Man”. While recent variations of this “game” are decent representations of the original rite (which is why they often work), in these modern variations the purpose of playing is unclear.

So know now, that the purpose of this game is to give you a direct experience with a spirit, a spirit that will hunt you. What will the spirit do if it catches you? It will probably scare you, however it will not physically hurt you- that is not the purpose of this game.

Playing this game is a great gateway into Occult practice- by playing this game you will join a long tradition of occult practitioners. This is your first step into a new world- if you want to go further the choice will be yours.

This box contains everything you will need to play the game including instructions. There are enough supplies in here for one person to play the game twice.

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